Forms Of Play

Forms of the Game


record every stroke played on each hole. Lowest total wins. (Gross – no handicap adjustment; Nett – total score less handicap)



Par – record strokes played to a maximum of one over your fixed score. Record (+) if score is better than fixed score, record (0) if score equals fixed score or record (-) if score is worse than fixed score. Result is total of pluses and minuses. Highest score wins.



Fixed score plus 2 or more = 0 points Fixed score plus 1 stroke = 1 point Fixed score = 2 points One under fixed score = 3 points Two under fixed score = 4 points


Bisque Par

This played against Par, but with the allowable strokes taken whenever the player wishes & not at the holes as set down on the card.



Two players play alternately from each tee and alternately during the play of the hole. Score as for Stroke Play.


Four Ball

two players play as partners, the best score of the two scores being the score for the hole.


Canadian Foursome

both players tee off on each hole. One ball is selected and play proceeds with alternate shots. Handicap allowance – 40% of combined handicaps.


American Foursome

Both players tee off on each hole, then play second with their partners ball. One ball is then selected and play proceeds with alternative shots. Handicap allowance – 40% of combined handicaps.


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